10 October 2008

Friday, Oct. 10 2008

Today was interesting, frustrating, easy going, and whacky fun.

After pulling in late to Uncle Mike's and Auntie Princess' house in San José on Thursday, we were hard pressed to get to "inspection" at the Shipyard Labs. Our car needed a jump to get started in the morning, which was alarming, and it contributed to us starting out late. Well, we got there at nigh-near 1200, really late we thought, but it turned out to be alright. The staff was very easy going, and even looked at our battery problem.

We then set out to look for a new battery. After hours of searching unsuccessfully, we returned to the Labs to attend the dinner party.

Again, we thought we arrived late, as we arrived only 10 minutes before 1730, when we thought the party would start. The party didn't start until 1900-ish, again we were saved!

Me and "The Merc".

MAX, Team Prisoners of Petroleum.

The Green Team

Judges and Steamer Crew.

Shipyard Ferry.

Giant Fire-Breathing Snail of Doom.

We even got interviewed by "The Daily Californian".

The night was filled with, fun fireblowing contraptions, meet & greets, technical explaining, great food, cameras, high levels of curiosity, and the great will to learn something new.

I think it was a great night to get to know the other competitors, and to come to realize that no matter what happens, we're here to have fun.

Gotta hit the sack, it's getting stuffy in this helmet.

'Till next time,


:First photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid :

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